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Gorgeous Wigs for Women

Custom Alopecia & Medical Wigs for Female Hair Loss. Over the years wigs have received a bad reputation. In many cases they deserved that reputation due to poor design, cost-cutting in mass production, styling that was not up to the highest quality standards necessary to produce a natural looking wig. Unfortunately, the hair replacement business is such that you only notice bad quality workmanship. Quality wigs and hair pieces are never noticed simply because they look so totally and absolutely natural.

At Avvair Styling & Hair Restoration Studio in Madison, Wisconsin, we have worked tirelessly to make sure that the custom wigs, toppers, and hair replacement systems we create for our clients are of the very finest quality.

Alopecia and Chemotherapy Wigs for Permanent and Temporary Hair Loss

We take great pride in our beautiful custom human hair wigs. If you are suffering from hair loss or thinning hair and are looking for a comfortable, beautifully style hair loss solution, there is really nothing like a high quality human hair wig.

If you suffer from hair loss and thinning hair, whether it be caused by Alopecia, medical treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation treatments, thyroid issues, or other medical conditions such as Trichotillomania, we offer beautiful 100% natural human hair wigs that are light, easy to maintain, wonderful to wear, and simply gorgeous!

Many of our fine quality human hair and virgin European hair wigs are hand tied, giving them a much more natural appearance due to the amount of hair in the cap, as well as how the hair moves and falls when the wig is worn. A fine quality wig is also lighter, cooler, much more comfortable to wear than mass produced machine-made wigs.

We know that many of our clients have come to us for wigs because they are suffering from varying degrees of hair loss. Therefore we offer wigs that are especially designed for women with little or no hair, and with special consideration to the cap of the wig, so that it does not irritate a sensitive scalp.

Beautiful 100% Natural Human Hair Wigs

Our virgin European hair wigs are unmatched anywhere! ‘Virgin’ hair from Europe doesn’t undergo any chemical processing or coloration. The result is hair that is softer and lighter with more natural color and greater depth of tone. Virgin European hair also has more natural strength than processed hair, resulting in a longer lasting wig.

At Avvair Styling & Hair Restoration Studio in Madison, we know the emotional stress of losing your hair and the real impact it can have on you mentally, physically and in your day-to-day life. This is why we offer only the finest 100% human hair and fine quality synthetic wigs and hair additions in a professional, confidential and caring atmosphere. Please contact us today to arrange a private, confidential wig consultation.

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