22 09, 2019

Womens Wigs – Choosing the Right Wig for Your Needs

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A Guide to Women's Wigs for Alopecia. Alopecia and thinning hair are problems that affect uncounted numbers of women in the Madison Wisconsin area as well as millions of women across the country each year. Since hair loss usually does not reflect a dire health condition, there are not many rigorous medical research trials to learn how to prevent and cure it. Alopecia [...]

21 09, 2019

Alopecia: What is Female Pattern Baldness

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Female pattern baldness or also referred to as female pattern alopecia, affect about one third of all women. Female baldness usually involves hair loss over the entire scalp. The hair loss may be the most visible on top which will make a part in your hair appear even wider. Unlike the hair loss men face, women’s hair loss doesn’t usually consist of complete [...]

20 09, 2019

Chemotherapy & Hair Loss

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Millions of men and women are diagnosed each year with cancer and undergo chemotherapy and cancer related hair loss. Happily, medical research has lead to more and more successful cancer treatment protocols with increased chanced for full remission for a wide variety cancer types. Chemotherapy and cancer related hair loss, whether caused by chemotherapy or other medical treatments or not, can be emotionally [...]

20 09, 2019

What is Trichotillomania?

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Let’s face it, in almost any frustration moment you can hear someone say they feel like they want to pull their hair out. Most of don’t actually do that, it’s just something we say. There is a phenomenon of individuals that twist their hair, bite it and even pull it out. It’s caused by a stress disorder known at trichotillomania. This condition can [...]

18 09, 2019

Female Hair Loss: Hair Restoration Options

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Female Hair Loss - Prevention & Restoration While many women focus on getting lean and being their best, at lease one in four women will be faced with an unexpected hurdle: female hair loss and thinning hair. If you are one of these women, then you should know that sometimes it can be reversed more often than it can for me. Early treatment [...]

7 09, 2019

Choosing Your Perfect Wig

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Wigs have gotten a bad name for themselves over the years. A lot of the negativity you hear about wigs (they are hot, they are heavy, they don't look natural) can be true more often than not, especially when it comes to fashion wigs, mail-order, or those wigs you see at the mall. So when you are looking for a wig because you [...]